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About Us

Our Approach

Our Approach

Through an extensive network and established relationships with family offices, private equity, venture capital firms, lenders, and debt investors, Podium assists clients in accessing private capital markets for both debt and equity financing.

Our proven, step-by-step process is managed to ensure that our clients can remain focused on running their businesses while we create efficient, executable, and cost-effective solutions to various financing needs. 

Culture is Key

Investors tend to focus on numbers, but over the years we’ve learned that a company’s culture, while not measurable on a spreadsheet, can often be the secret to success and a major competitive advantage. We look for companies that put customers and employees first and approach challenging times with a healthy dose of empathy.


Our ambition is to help you achieve your goals as smoothly as possible. Having a common goal is what makes a team perform at their highest level. We consider a successful transaction when a client and the investor are both equally satisfied with the outcome. 

Collaborative & Informative 

We collaborate with both clients and investors to create beneficial partnerships. As part of our hands-on approach, we work closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions and find investors that can bring adequate capital, knowledge, network, and potentially management to the existing business.

References Matter

At first glance, advisory firms like Podium Partners may all look and sound the same, but we believe our approach, attention to detail, and focus on personal and business goals set us apart. To gain real insights on what a relationship with Podium Partners looks like, we encourage you to reach out to the executives and entrepreneurs at the companies we represented in the past.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

What we do is guided by key principles, which define our character and culture. These enduring qualities stem from our world-class athletic background. We bring these shared convictions to our professional and personal conduct. Whether you want to sell your company or raise capital, these are the fundamentals of our promise: tailor-made solutions.








Sector Focus

Sector Focus

We provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs and companies across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the industries of elevated interest listed below. 

Business Services

Distribution / Logistics

Industrials /


Health and Wellness

Consumer Products /


Software /


Market Focus

Revenue profile: $5 -$100 million

EBITDA profile: of $2+ million 


We feel that this segment of the market is underrepresented by high-quality investment banking services, which clients usually come to experience a from top-tier banks. Your business deserves the best possible representation.

Client Criteria

Family/Founder-Owned Businesses

Experienced Management Teams

Clear Growth Opportunities & Value Levers

Unique Product or Service Offerings
Fragmented Industries
Stable Cash Flows

Why Podium Partners?

Our team consists of former professional athletes who have translated the skills, discipline, and dedication acquired in the sports arena into unparalleled success within the realm of boutique investment banking. The Podium team’s athletic background sets us apart in the competitive banking industry, resulting in tailor-made financial solutions for your unique needs.

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Official Partnetships

Official Partnerships 

Podium Partners officially partners with:

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